Equipment & Tools

The Dupill Group has an array of equipment and tools for valve repair and valve testing. They are available for both purchase as well as rent.


Equipment Rentals are available on a daily, weekly, and monthly basis.

Pressure Relief Valve (PRV) Test Benches

We offer customized test benches for pressure relief valves with air or liquid. Our engineers will work with you to design a system that is tailored to meet all of your requirements. Manual and hydraulic clamping is available.

PRV Seat Vacuum Tester

The PRV Seat Vacuum Tester gives you the ability to test the seal at the seat of PRV safety valves prior to complete reassembly. The tester yields simple pass/fail results.

LarsLap Valve Lapping Equipment

The LarsLap models are available for purchase and rent. Learn more about the LarsLap technology.

Click on the Model type to learn more.

ModelValve TypeValve SeatValve Size
Model GGate, Gate Wedges, Check, Swing Check, Globe, Safety, ControlFlat6”– 52” (150 mm – 1300 mm)
Model FLGate, Gate Wedges, Check, Swing Check, Globe, Safety, ControlFlat2” – 12” (50 mm – 300 mm)
Model DGlobe, Safety, ControlFlat or Angle2” – 32” (50 mm – 800 mm)
Model SCGate, Parallel Slide, Discs, WedgesFlat1” – 4” (25 mm – 100 mm)
Model KGlobe, Safety, ControlFlat or Angle1/4” – 6” (8 mm – 150 mm)
Model CGlobe, Safety, ControlFlat or Angle3 Different Size Machines
Model FL-HGate, Globe, Check, Safety, ControlFlat2” – 8” (50 mm – 200 mm)
Model STCSTC Table works with LarsLap models S, FL and G

Mobile Machine Shop for Safety Relief Valve Testing and Valve Repair

Dupill Group’s Mobile Machine Shop is ready to help you through your next outage with state-of-the-art equipment for safety relief valve testing and valve repair.

Our custom-outfitted 28’ and 53’ trailers are fully-equipped for on-site valve repair and maintenance.