LarsLap Model G

Suitable for the following Valve Types:

  • Check Valves
  • Safety Valves
  • Control Valves
  • Gate Valve Wedges

Range: 6”- 52 (150-1300 mm)

LarsLap Model G

The best way to a perfect result.

LarsLap Model G´s unique, lightweight universal clamping system allows rapid, accurate mounting for grinding valve seats or wedges.

Operating checks and replacement of abrasive discs can be carried out without disturbing the assembly.

No realignment is necessary when repositioning the grinding head.

Individually driven grinding heads for perfect results.

Drive heads on LarsLap Model G incorporate individually driven discs, permitting rapid and efficient grinding of exceptionally smooth, flat surfaces for tightest possible seats.

  • Individually driven grinding heads for an absolute flat sealing surface
  • The driving heads have diametrically adjustable grinding heads
  • Tilting driving head gives flexibility to grind both gate and globe valves with the same drive unit
  • Variable grinding speed on all drive units
  • Diamond grinding discs available
  • Adaptor plates for wider seats available
  • Thin section driving heads available
  • Grinding heads for angled seats available

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