What is a Remote Valve Actuator or Reach Rod?

Remote valve actuators or reach rods are used to operate (open/close) a hard-to-reach valve. Typical applications include submerged valves, valves above or below human reach, valves in a confined space, and valves in a radiated area.

Types of Remote Valve Actuators (RVA Systems) or Reach Rods

As experts in Remote Valve Actuation or Reach Rods, we can help if your facility is having problems with existing reach rods, or has a valve that needs to be operated in a high dose or hard-to-reach area. Our objective is to provide the most economical solution for each application, from recommending replacement parts for existing reach rods or proposing an upgrade using the latest technology.

Our engineering team will work with you to determine the best system for your particular application. One size does not fit all. We know our way around valves and obstacles.

We fully support our Reach Rod (RVA) product line from the earliest stages of a project through delivery and installation. During the development and design phase, any one of our qualified technicians is available to travel to your site and assist you in walking down and surveying the proposed RVA system location. Upon completion, we will issue a full walkdown report, which includes recommendations on system layout, bill of materials, mounting and bracketing as needed. Walkdown services are also great for surveying existing systems that may need new parts or are in need of replacement.

After all system parts are delivered to your facility, our technicians are also available to support the system installation effort. With our in-depth product knowledge and years of experience in the nuclear power generation industry, we are your one-stop shop for all remote valve actuation needs.

Rigid Rod

Rigid rod is the oldest technology offered and is simply a piece of solid bar connected with universal joints and gearboxes. These systems are directly affected by mechanical efficiency of each component and supporting structure. They are ideal for short, straight runs where the number of mechanical components can be minimized. They are offered as three different types: keyed, pinned, and welded.

Direct Flex

Direct Flex is a single, rotating, flexible cable that is used to take the place of rigid rod over multiple change of directions and over complex routes. Direct flex is commonly limited to short lengths as cable deflection starts to become an issue.

Geared Systems

Uniflex is a single, rotating, flexible cable operated between two gearboxes to increase operating speed and decrease torque on the flexible shaft itself while being capable of operating up to 150 ft away or 250 ft-lbs. The smaller cable size allows for tighter bends and simpler routing. There is a trade-off between system length and torque at the upper limits.

Customized Systems

Customized systems could include rigid rod, direct flex, and geared based on the application. Our engineers will carefully evaluate your requirements while taking into account the environment, distance, turns, and other characteristics to determine the best fit.

Evaluating the Environment for a Reach Rod System (RVA)

Remote Valve Actuators (RVA Systems) or Reach Rods can range from being indoors in a clean, dry environment to submerged underwater to outdoor conditions where the equipment may experience drastic temperature swings, weather, and natural phenomena. Knowing what environment the equipment has to operate in is equally important as the torque/length.

Reach Rod Customization / RVA Service / Spare Parts

Our team can customize your reach rod system to accommodate any obstacle or challenge. For instance, we can provide a low profile valve coupling for attachment to tapered handwheels. It is designed for use in a geared system. Tapered handwheels are common on third party gearboxes and present a unique challenge for mounting a valve coupling because the diameter of the coupling has to match the diameter of the handwheel or it does not sit flat or concentric.

The Dupill Group is your one-stop shop for Elliott-Stow Reach Rod spare and replacement parts. Whether you are having issues with a universal joint, shear pin, deck box, 90 degree gear box, or any part, we can help you find a solution. Solutions including SafeOperator (also known as Uniflex-Stow), SafeOperator Flex Shaft, SafeOperator IG System, SafeOperator FS System, Uniflex, Stow Manufacturing parts, BFG Marine, and more.

Obsolescence can be a serious issue when you need spare parts. Dupill Group can reverse-engineer and manufacture obsolete reach rod parts with the same form, fit, and function as the original.

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Quality Program

Dupill Group is committed to delivering products and services of an extremely high quality while growing our customer base in an effective and efficient manner. We satisfy all customer, 10CFR Part 21/10CFR50 Appendix B, ASME NQA-1, 10CFR830.122 Subpart A, and DOE Order 414.1D requirements as well as ISO 9001:2015 compliant and continually improve our processes to maintain total customer satisfaction and loyalty.