53’ – Semi Machine Shop Trailer

This impressive 53’ semi-trailer is a valve maintenance dream. Everything you need is at your fingertips.

  • Sharp LMV-42 Mill
    • Factory Certified (CE / NRTL / UL)
    • Digital Read-Out (DRO)
  • 22” / 26” Swing Lathe
    • Factory Certified (CE / NRTL / UL)
    • Digital Read-Out (DRO)
    • OSHA Approved Guarding
  • Curbtender CargoMaster Overhead Crane
    • Certified Overhead Crane (8,000 lb) (Factory Installed)
  • Diptube PRV Tester (Hydrostatic and Air)
  • Jib Arm Crane (end of trailer)
  • PRV Seat Leak (Vacuum) Tester
  • Portable Pressure Test Unit with API Monogrammed Flanges
  • Surface Grinder
  • LapMaster Lapping Table
  • Jenny 80G Air Compressor
  • Emergency lighting/smoke detection (meets OSHA requirements)
  • Meets site electrical requirements (UL)
  • Front Tongue Safety Jack
  • Workbench
  • HVAC

28’ – Mini Machine Shop Trailer

Mobile Machine Shop for Safety Relief Valve Testing and Valve Repair

Dupill Group’s Mobile Machine Shop is ready to help you through your next outage with state-of-the-art equipment for safety relief valve testing and valve repair.

Our custom-outfitted 28 foot trailer is fully-equipped:

  • Test Stand for Air and Liquid
  • Lathe
  • Boring Mill
  • LarsLap Lapping Equipment
  • Additional Tools and Equipment based on your Outage needs

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Quality Program

Dupill Group is committed to delivering products and services of an extremely high quality while growing our customer base in an effective and efficient manner. We satisfy all customer, 10CFR Part 21/10CFR50 Appendix B, ASME NQA-1, 10CFR830.122 Subpart A, and DOE Order 414.1D requirements as well as ISO 9001:2015 compliant and continually improve our processes to maintain total customer satisfaction and loyalty.