LarsLap Model C

Suitable for Milling/Cutting and Grinding

  • Control Valves
  • Flanges

Range: 1/4” – 32” (10-800 mm)

LarsLap Model C

Possible repairs include the grinding of gasket surfaces damaged by crushing or abrasion, of damage cylindrical a plane control areas, various treatments of gasket welds and cutting the seats in situ. The LarsLap Model C has been designed to ensure flexibility as well as speed and ease of handling.

Model C1

B: ø 1″–10″ (25–250 mm)
A max: 18” (450 mm)
C max: 24” (600 mm)

Model C2

B: ø 2”-16” (50–400 mm)
A max: 24” (600 mm)
C max: 40” (1000 mm)

Model C3

B: ø 12”-32” (300–800 mm)
A max: 36” (900 mm)
C max: 40” (1000 mm)

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