Industrial Valve Grinding & Repair Systems

The patented LarsLap system includes a wide range of industrial valve grinding machines. The individually driven grinding heads of a LarsLap industrial valve grinder are arranged radially around a central driving head. The low speed of the driving head is converted into high speed with low torque on the grinding heads, preventing damage to the valve seat.

The correct force is provided by spring tension. Only light force is required – the abrasion rate is controlled by selecting the right abrasive discs. The movement of the individually controlled grinding heads produce a perfectly flat surface with a microscopic crosshatch pattern that prevents leakage from capillary action.

The LarsLap® industrial valve grinding system provides valves with fast and efficient maintenance so you can feel confident with the performance of your valves.

The Difference

The patented LarsLap® system includes a wide range of industrial valve grinding machines with individually driven grinding heads.

  • By contrast, other valve grinding machines on the market tend to use either single grinding plates or friction driven grinding heads.
  • A machine with a single grinding plate provides a simple setup, however this method frequently produces uneven results.
  • Better results can be achieved with individual grinding heads arranged around a central driving head.
  • However, most machines in the market use friction driven grinding heads, giving the operator no control over the individual grinding heads. The rotation may slow down or even stop altogether, potentially damaging the valve seat.
  • Using individually driven grinding heads, the speed of individual discs can be controlled. Controlled grinding heads produce excellent results while minimizing the risk of damage to the valve seat.