LarsLap Model K

Suitable for the following Valve Types:

  • Globe Valves
  • Control Valves
  • Safety Valves

Flat Seat Range 1/4” – 6” ( 8-150 mm)
Angled Seat Range 1/4” – 2 1/2” (8-65 mm)

LarsLap Model K

LarsLap Model K´s unique, handheld system is easy assemble so you get started fast.

The design of the K makes it possible to use different drive units to the same equipment.

LarsLap Portable

The Model SC drive head is equipped for 3° angle grinding located on the opposite side of the flat grinding head.

LarsLap Portable, industrial valve grinders with their patented design concept are the proven solution for in-line valve reconditioning.

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