FCCI Participates in Artemis Supplier Conference


NASA's Artemis Program

NASA’s Artemis Program is a multi-mission campaign that will push human space exploration first to the moon and then on to Mars. FCCI, a Dupill Group company, was invited to participate in the Artemis Supplier Conference in Washington, DC along with members of Congress, Executive Office of the President staff, personnel from other federal agencies, members of the legislative branch, and other suppliers involved in the project.

As a prime sub-contractor for Bechtel, FCCI was evaluated along with a number of other suppliers for cryogenic applications and control valves. Bechtel awarded the Artemis contract to FCCI due to their historical technical contributions and documentation management. The safety of the crew is of paramount importance and the team at FCCI takes that commitment seriously.  Bechtel chose FCCI because of their commitment to the mission.

The Artemis Supplier Conference was an opportunity to bring prime contractors, engineers, scientists, and project managers together. Sharing information, strategies, and mission-critical philosophies are absolutely necessary for project realization.  The intellectual capacity at the conference was awe-inspiring. It was an honor for the FCCI team to be included in the conference and a proud moment to be part of the Artemis program.