Local company helping with NASA moonshot

Sara Schilling | April 2023

A Richland company is helping NASA reach for the moon and beyond.

Fluid Controls and Components Inc., or FCCI, has been awarded a $4.6 million contract from Bechtel to help with Mobile Launcher 2, a key part of NASA’s Artemis program.

Bechtel is designing, building, testing and commissioning the launcher, which is a ground platform used to support the Space Launch System rocket. Bechtel tapped FCCI to manage the design and fabrication of cryogenic and pressure relief valves for the project.

The Richland company is responsible for ensuring the valves meet their intended technical and performance functions.

No turning back. World’s largest radioactive waste melter starts in Eastern WA

Annette Cary | October 09, 2022

A Richland company, Fluid Controls and Components, is supplying 108,000 pounds of the glass beads, or frit, needed for the nonradioactive commissioning of the Low Activity Waste Facility.

It mimics waste by dissolving into a solid form at high temperatures. “It was the first time we dealt with frit,” said Russ Watson, vice president of the Richland company, as the company worked to make the first delivery. “The chemistry and physical profile of the frit were very complex. The specifications were strict, and the monitoring process was extensive.”

FCCI named Top Vit Plant Supplier after Aligning with Bechtel

Wendy Culverwell | December 2021

A Richland company catering to U.S. Department of Energy contractors found success by aligning itself with the needs of one of the biggest operators at the Hanford Nuclear Reservation: Bechtel National Inc.

Vit Plant Partners Receive Global Supplier Awards

November 17,2021

Fluid Controls and Components, Inc. (FCCI) of Richland, Wash. Known for its expertise with precision valves, FCCI provided valves, piping and piping components for Vit Plant construction. FCCI also sourced 108,000 pounds of frit, a mixture of chemicals heated in a furnace to form glass, that will be used during the heatup of the Vit Plant’s first melter later this winter.

‘Frit’ a Critical Ingredient in Hanford’s Melter Heatup Recipe

September 21, 2021

RICHLAND, Wash. – A material resembling small glass beads will serve as a critical ingredient to heating up the first melter at Hanford’s Waste Treatment and Immobilization Plant (WTP) set for later this year.

Richland Company Opens New Fabrication Shop to Meet Local Demand

FCCI working to fabricate pipeline for Hanford tank farm project

The welding torches are ablaze in a Richland company’s new fabrication shop where highly-skilled welders are making pipeline components for the water and chemical distribution system for the Hanford tank farm.