Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD)

Commercial Grade Dedication (CGD) is a process by which a commercial‐grade item (CGI) is designated for use as a basic component in a safety‐related application. This acceptance process is undertaken to provide reasonable assurance that a CGI to be used as a basic component will perform its intended safety function and, in this respect, is deemed equivalent to an item designed and manufactured under a 10CFR50, Appendix B, quality assurance program. This assurance is achieved by identifying the critical characteristics of the item and verifying their acceptability by inspections, tests, or analyses by the purchaser or third‐party dedicating entity.

Dupill Group’s team of engineers and quality personnel have the ability to perform all aspects of CGD in accordance with 10CFR50 Appendix B, ASME NQA‐1, and 10CFR21 and in alignment with industry guidelines such as EPRI NP‐5652.

  • Perform an engineering analysis of the item
  • Determine the safety function of the item
  • Identify the critical characteristics for acceptance and criteria
  • Select the acceptance method(s)
  • Produce a statistically valid sampling plan for each critical characteristic
  • Non‐destructive examination
  • Create a dedication plan for evaluating the critical characteristics
  • Verify all critical characteristics for acceptance
  • Prepare a Certificate of Dedication

The need to perform a CGD may be required when:

  • An item is not available from a nuclear supplier operating under a 10CFR Part 21/10CFR50 Appendix B and/or ASME NQA-1 compliant Quality Assurance Program;
  • An item is readily available and can be dedicated to Safety Related applications;
  • An equivalent or greater level of acceptability can be achieved by dedication versus procurement from a nuclear supplier operating under a 10CFR Part 21/10CFR50 Appendix B and/or ASME NQA-1 compliant Quality Assurance Program with significant cost and/or schedule savings
  • Recovery from a classification change for an item previously purchased or being manufactured as commercial material (material dedication).

The Dupill Group has served the Nuclear Industry for decades and has the experience as well as the knowledge base to perform Commercial Grade Dedication for safety-related and Q parts.

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