Reducing In-Body Seats on Gate and Check Valves

DG Nuclear offers JIT (Just In Time) training with an emphasis on reducing in-body seats on gate and check valves.  Scheduling and implementing JIT training before an outage helps reduce dose (ALARA) and saves time during scheduled outage relate repair work.  Establishing an OD of 3 degrees and narrowing/reducing the seating area produces a tight seal between the disc and in-body seat by increasing pressure distribution on the smaller seating area resulting in a leak free valve.

We have helped many customers successfully implement this approach to repair leaking gates and check valves at their facilities.  Some of the systems where this application can be useful are the reactor coolant systems (RCS), markup water (MUW), de-mineralizer, feed water, safety injection system and cooling systems. See one of our customer's testimonial below:

"Just to let you know.  Our current RCS Leakage is the lowest it has been since start-up.  The repair of the Westinghouse Check Valves over the past two Refuels are behing this number.  We appreciate the help with getting the correct equipment to us in time for these repairs, as well as the seminars to ensure understanding of the set-up and operation of the equipment."

John Wise

Valve Team Supervisor

Ameren Missouri - Callaway Nuclear Power Plant