DG Energy Services Announces Partnership with Total Lockout

DG Energy Services, a Dupill Group Company, is proud to announce its partnership with Total Lockout as its United States sales partner for the Modec Line of Portable Valve Actuators.  Valve Assist by Modec is a range of Pneumatic, Electric, and Gas driven portable valve actuators that are second to none.  The unique design and ability to customize each tool to an individual customers application is what sets us apart from our competitors.  The individual adapter plates are designed to fit a wide range of types and sizes of handwheels from rising stem valves with tapered handwheels to non-rising with flat handwheels, etc.  Valve Assist line of portable actuators will increase operator efficiency and even more importantly helps keep the operator safe and prevent workplace injuries.

For a additional information or to request a quote please visit our website at www.dupillgroup.com