Valve Repair and Additional Services

Valve Repair Services

Fitting Gate Valve Wedges:

DG Services’s gate valve wedge fitting service provides our customers with accurate data that allows them to determine if repair or replacement is needed. Wedge fitting requires exact measurements and a skilled labor force. Until now, physical measurement by an extremely experienced technician was the only option. DG Services offers a unique and precise method to overcome the traditional technique of fitting a wedge, virtually eliminating the human error factor. With our specialized laser mapping device, we can measure and fit new wedges in no time. We are available 24 hours a day, 7 days a week to support your valve repair and maintenance schedule.

General Valve Repair and Consulting:

Whether you have one or one hundred valves to repair, DG Services is available to support your service needs. Our technicians’ vast knowledge and experience in valve repair as well as their understanding of the high expectations and demands of the nuclear power generation industry makes us a leader in this field. We can perform small jobs with a two or three man crew and we can support large jobs with project management, job supervisors and teams of technicians. We are also available to consult with your maintenance supervisors and assist in determining the best valve repair solution.

Walkdown and Installation Services

DG Services fully supports our RVA (Remote Valve Actuator) product line from the earliest stages of a project through delivery and installation. During the development and design phase, any one of our qualified technicians is available to travel to your site and assist you in walking down and surveying the proposed RVA system location. Upon completion, we will issue a full walkdown report, which includes recommendations on system layout, bill of materials, mounting and bracketing as needed. Walkdown services are also great for surveying existing systems that may need new parts or completely replaced.

After all system parts are delivered to your facility, our technicians are also available to support the system installation effort. With our in-depth product knowledge and years of experience in the nuclear power generation industry, we are your one stop shop for all remote valve actuation needs.

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