Remote Valve Actuation

Opening and closing valves in hazardous or hard-to-reach areas is a common but unavoidable problem in the nuclear power industry. DG Services is the exclusive authorized nuclear distributor for the Elliott Uniflex-Stow range of remote mechanical operators (reach rods) since 2010. DG Services’s systems offer safe and reliable actuation solutions for almost any nuclear power plant application. Layout options include shielded penetration, rigid rods for straight operating system paths, and flexible shafts that can route around obstacles or any design to meet your requirements.

Seismically Qualified RVA Systems

After the events at Fukushima, the nuclear industry was faced with stringent safety requirements. At DG Services, we understand how important it is to meet these requirements. We are proud to announce that our Remote Valve Actuators are now seismically qualified under our Quality Assurance Program, which adheres to 10CFR50 Appendix B, 10CFR Part 21 requirements and ISO 9001 Standards.

Our remote actuation emergency backup solutions are seismically qualified in accordance with:

  • IEEE 344 (1987 / 2004) “Recommended Practice for Seismic Qualification of Class 1E Equipment for Nuclear Power Generating Stations”
  • IEEE 382 (1996 / 2006) “Standard for Qualification of Operators for Power–Operated Valve Assemblies with Safety related functions for Nuclear Power Plants”
  • Seismic HRHF (Hard Rock High Frequency)

Available RVA Solutions

We currently offer the following types of remote valve actuation systems.

Flexible Shaft (Gear Driven and Direct)

The flexible shaft remote valve operators eliminate the need for outdated chains, dual cables, make-shift solid rod or universal joint systems that can be dangerous or unreliable. These flexible RVAs can be adapted to complex layouts in nuclear plants where rigid rod systems won’t suffice.

Rigid Rod

The rigid rod system is ideal for applications where the path is straight or nearly straight between valve and operator station.

Dedicated Support for the Nuclear Industry

Our mission is to support the Nuclear Industry in three areas:

Remote Valve Actuation and Reach Rod Solutions

If your facility is having problems with existing reach rods, or has a valve that needs to be operated in a high dose or hard-to-reach area, DG Services can help by offering a variety of valve actuation solutions. Our objective is to provide the most economical solution for each application, from recommending replacement parts for existing reach rods or proposing an upgrade using the latest technology.

RVA Walkdown and Installation Services

DG Services provides remote valve actuator installation services and on-site surveys prior to installation.

RVA Service / Spare Parts

DG Services is your one stop shop for Elliott-Stow Reach Rod spare and replacement parts. Whether you are having issues with a universal joint, shear pin, deck box, 90 degree gear box, or any part we can help you find a solution.

Spare Parts