Oil & Gas Products

DG Energy prides itself on having the right equipment for the job--on hand and on time! Our product solutions can be customized for oilfield and well site settings, and we have the capability to provide equipment to our oil and gas customers at a moment’s notice. DG Energy works with multiple equipment manufacturers to keep a large inventory of OEM and non-OEM consumables on-hand, including BOP and accumulator parts of all makes and models. See below a list of products we provide, and please call us directly if you have a specific request.


  • Hydrostatic Test Units
  • Valve Testing Equipment and Valve Test Benches
  • OEM and Non-OEM BOP Parts
  • Pulsation Dampener Bladders
  • Safety Equipment
    • Pipe Ram Fail Safe
    • Crown Savers
    • Monkey Board Savers
  • Choke Rebuild kits
  • DSA’s
  • Drilling Spools
  • Blowout Preventers (BOP)
  • Valve Repair Tools
  • Pneumatic / Hydraulic Cylinders
  • Valve Actuators
  • HPU kits
  • Rubber Goods
  • Flanges
  • Valves (Gate, Globe, Check, Frac)
  • Accumulator Bottles and Bladders
  • Gearboxes
  • Torque Guns
  • Remote Valve Operators